Blogging is becoming very common within the walls of classrooms around the U.S. Teachers are using blogging to attempt getting their students excited about researching and writing. It is an interactive process between students, their classmates, teachers, and the world. Blogging is being put up on a pedestal. Sure, it does have its advantages, but most people fail to acknowledge its disadvantages/problems. I will be recognizing some of the negatives aspects of blogging in the classroom:

1. The first, and most important, problem to address with blogging is the availability of technology within the school. Not every school is going to have enough computers available for each child in your classroom, and depending on the socioeconomic status of students within the class not every child may have access to a computer at home.

2. It may be difficult to keep the students blogging about subjects relevant to the class and/or discussion topic. Unless a child is extremely passionate about the topic they are asked to blog about, they may get off-topic or distracted from the purpose of their writing. Especially when working on a blog outside of the classroom, on their own.

3. Writing for a blog may be more casual than assignments turned in by traditional methods. The freedom given by blogging may encourage sloppy writing habits similar to email and instant messaging.

4. Blogs do not give the feeling of a conversation because there is time delay.

5. Blogs do not offer confidentiality.